Future UofG student Fikria Karinanur is the winner of the UofG World Changers Welcome competition 2017.

The University of Glasgow is a place where people can develop ideas that change the world, in big ways and small. Even before our students arrive on campus, many already have inspiring ambitions. Our World Changers Welcome competition recognises their passion and creativity, offering £250 to one applicant with a brilliant idea for how to make our world better.

The competition received entries from UofG applicants across the globe. Ideas included:

  • using the simplest methods to teach science online
  • using street doctors to raise awareness of diseases
  • making music free for everyone
  • finding new ways to treat spinal cord injuries.

Fifteen entrants made our shortlist, but the judges particularly loved Fikria’s world changing ambition to develop personalised medicine and improve healthcare, starting in her home country of Indonesia.

Fikria has won £250 and will begin her MSc, focusing on pharmacogenomics, in autumn 2017.

“I feel incredible to be a winner of UofG World Changers Competition. It is unbelievable and honestly beyond my expectation!  I believe that many students of the University of Glasgow have fabulous thoughts and ideas, so I didn't expect to be a winner.

 In my opinion, the University of Glasgow can help me to pursue my dreams to take a part in changing the quality of the healthcare system in my home country of Indonesia. The University of Glasgow is the top 100 universities in the world and is also one of the best medical schools in the UK.

 I am going to use this award to start a campaign about personalised medicine for professional healthcare. If physicians, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals work together hand-in-hand to develop personalised medicine, the right medication with minimum adverse effects would be gained by patients.”